Setting Up Your Inflatable - Let's Get Started:

Careful with Accessories

When you unbox, watch out for dropping any accessories – we don't want them to vanish!


 Find a Good Spot

Choose a spot that's tidy, open, and free of junk.


Clear the Air Intake

Take a peek at the bottom – make sure nothing's blocking the air intake.


Give It Some Weight

To keep it steady, fill the provided plastic bags with water and place them inside the base near the front of the unit.


Zip It Up Tight

Zip the inflatable up fully, like you're zipping up a jacket.


 Clip It Secure

Use the clip on the tether to connect it to the inflatable's side.


Ground It

Stick the plastic stakes in the ground and attach the nylon tethers for stability.


Ready to Inflate

Before plugging it in, unfold the inflatable. It'll puff up in a jiffy when you plug it into an outlet.


Time to Deflate

When the party's over, simply unplug from the electrical outlet and open the zipper on the back to deflate.