8ft Tall Bubbly Pink Champagne Bottle Inflatable Decorative Blow Up with Pink LED Lights

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Party Poofer

8ft Tall Bubbly Pink Champagne Bottle Inflatable Decorative Blow Up with Pink LED Lights

8ft Tall Bubbly Pink Champagne Bottle Inflatable Decorative Blow Up with Pink LED Lights

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Raise your glasses to the Bubbly Champagne Blow-Up Decoration, where the fizz isn't just in the bottle! It's like having an 8ft tall party guest who's always ready to 'clink' with you. The Bubbly Champagne Blow-Up Decoration – your ticket to turning any gathering into an uproarious fiesta that's dripping with style and fun! Whether it's a birthday bash, a bachelorette blowout, or just a 'why-not' get-together, this bubbly masterpiece is here to ensure your party goes down in history.

  • 8ft Tall and 3ft Wide
  • Quick & Easy Setup in Minutes
  • Indoor/Outdoor Display
  • Bright and Internal Pink LEDs
  • Compact Storage: Deflates easily for compact storage when not in use

  • Includes (1) Fan Blower
  • (4) Ground Stakes
  • (2) Ropes with Tethers
  • (2) Water Bags
  • (1) Storage Bag


Cleaning is simple! Use a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that could damage the inflatable.

Safety Information

This is an electric product, not a toy. Keep the product out of the reach of children to avoid any accidents or electrical shocks. This is a seasonal decoration and is not intended for permanent installation or year-round use. It is recommended not to use it for more than 90 consecutive days. Do not attempt to inflate during unusually strong winds. If it becomes too windy for safe operation, simply allow your inflatable to deflate. Secure it and wait for better conditions before re-inflating. Protect the electric fan and power cord from exposure to water. This precaution will reduce the risk of electrical shock. Do not use anything with this product that is not included in the original manufacturer's packaging when purchased. Do not expose the product to sharp items, as these may cause rupture and damage. Do not hang ornaments or other objects. Do not close the door or window onto the power cord or extension cords, as this may damage the product's wire insulation. Do not secure the wiring or the product with staples, nails, or other sharp objects, or place wiring on sharp hooks or nails. Only a qualified technician is allowed to repair the damaged main connection cable. When the temperature is below 5°F (-15°C), the motor may temporarily stop running. The motor will begin functioning again at higher temperatures.

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Customer Reviews

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Perfect Party Accessory

I had the pink champagne party poofer at my bachelorette, it was the perfect addition to my all pink party. All my friends loved it and asked where I got it! Highly recommend.